3.9 Based on 1265 reviews
soumya g – 7 months ago

The subway is same as any other outlets. It will be too crowd during weekend and one can't sit peacefully and have food. Recommendable to visit during weekday and enjoy the food.

Tias Saha – a year ago

It's quite busy and crowded. The store is definitely understaffed and hence, it's understandable that service isn't up to the mark. They are reluctant to serve. They'll barely pay attention to what you want in your sub. As they make it in front of you, it's painful to watch someone so reluctant to make the food you are so eager to eat. At one point of time sub of the day used to cost 125 only, which was a really nice deal, but now that has also increased. Overall experience is okay.

prashanth sridhar – a year ago

Healthy salads and subs. They allow you to choose every ingredient even in delivery. Love the roasted chicken sub with parmesan oregano bread. Their double chocolate chip cookie is simply delicious.

basavaraj kamareddy – a year ago

Great place if you are looking for a burger. Offers great choice in buns, fillings & sauces. Good for bite friends with.

Architha Reddy – a year ago

Didn't switch on the AC for an hour because they were baking the bread. Outdoor seating not recommended. Otherwise, the sub was tasty. Cookies are ok. Veg sub is a better choice than non veg. You will get more options and flavours.