3.1 Based on 15 reviews
Sridhar Aravamudhan – 2 months ago

The second dose for 45 plus year olds was very well organized. Don't have enough words to praise the staff who are braving risks to vaccinate people like me. They were able to look up details on their phone app and issue tokens. At the appointed time, our vaccination was over within 10 minutes and there were no crowds. My praise to BBMP and the staff.

RICHA SHARMA – 3 months ago

I did my covid test 3 days back, no results till now. What kind of responsible behavior is this?? Please be little responsible this is the suggestion for all the people working in this PHC.

Hari OM – 2 months ago

Visited today for Covid test and they supposed to start by 10 AM but they started at around 10.40 AM.Tiill that time many peoples were in the queue and i was in the 7th or 8th Position in the queue but even with this number in the queue,it took almost 90 mins for my turn.The reason is ,even though there are many peoples in the queue,they were allowing some locallites and some other peoples to come forward and to avail this test.What if the peoples are in the queue are +ve and stading in the queue for longer time.Is not that going to worse their health status??

Mina Chandra – 2 months ago

The nurse was very experienced. Good staff.

priya singh – 2 months ago

DR. BATRA is not ready to listen any kind of feedback and according to him everything is perfect at the center i.e. - the staffs and the reviews they are getting all are perfect and there is no need of any kind of improvement. But, they are not able to provide the second dose for 45+ (age) but the SRINIVASAN (employee) family (5-6 members) got vaccinated on 9th May, 21 @11:30 am and the question is what's the age of those 5-6 members?? Staffs are not following any slots and giving false promises to the patients, being 45+ you have to go there by 8 am and collect the coupon and then go there after 11:00 am. This is the case of harassment and exploitation. Centers like this is misusing their power and shame for the government as well.