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Piyush Singh – 4 months ago

Gurdwara Bari or Taksali Sangat - From Benaras, Guru Tegh Bahadur did not proceed direct to Patna Sahib but made a detour to Sasaram and Gaya. At Sasaram, in Shahabad district of Bihar, about 80 kilometres southeast of Benaras along the main Mughal Serai-Howarh railway line. There already existed a Sikh Sangat under the local masand Phaggu Mal affectionately called Chacha (uncle) Phaggu by one and all. Chacha Phaggu had constructed a high doorway to his house so that, he told, everyone, When the Guru comes, he would enter the house without having to dismount at the entrance. He had long longed and hoped that the Guru would come to him. Guru Tegh Bahadur fulfilled his desire when he came and stayed at Sasaram for about a month. There are now three Gurdwaras here. first one is Gurdwar Bari or Taksali Sangat.

Al Rashid – 11 months ago

It's wonderful place

Sumit Gupta – 2 years ago

Taksal sanghat is just a normal gurudwara..........but I love this place since I spent my childhood here......But if have any chance to visit the gurudwara do visit it in the evenings when kirtans are taking place......U will love the atmosphere.......

Mukesh Yoga – 6 months ago

It's very ancient Gurudwara made on the land chosen by the Revered Sikh Guru , Shri Teg Bahadur Singh , on his Sasaram Arrival. Surprisingly , Sasaram was visited by Guru Nanak also . Guru Teg was traveling on the same route n path where Nanak traveled. This place was chosen by Guru Horse , it is believed. You will find many local Sikhs here whose most relatives are Hindus , worship Hindu festivals but retain their pristine Sikh believes as taught by the respected Guru , never polluted by secessionist SGPC politics. It is located in Jani Mohalla , once crowded by Sikhs , both originals and Refusy population., Now is just a hollow remnant of its glorious past. Interestingly , many believe that the terror king pin Bhindrawale also hided in Sasaram, although nobody was able to produce any proof to me.

Rituraj Kumar – a year ago

Excellent Place for Worship.