3.3 Based on 6 reviews
Suri Nidagundi – a year ago

Nice hospital but doctors not available 24/7

Hanumesh Hiremani – 2 years ago

Common diseases can be cured here but in case of emergency doctors will not handle. They always recommend to go to Bagalkot or Hubli in emergency case. Need to improve a lot. ????

manjunath – 3 years ago

it is needed development

Sharanu Hanchinal – a month ago

Which Doctors / Stop Nurses in the Hospital? I did this with my sister almost two years ago "" To "" a public hospital. I was brought here. He has refused here. This is a private hospital ... This is not a people problem. Just like scanning in this hospital ... What benefits do you have with the tax money we can charge you to fill your pocket with a one-time scan at a private hospital ... Up to Bill Modtare in which he commission ... fire your birth .... Government hospital in bare mouth There is no infrastructure for middle class people like us here .. It is not just one hospital but some hospitals around the village.

shiva kumar – in the last week