2.7 Based on 50 reviews
muthu raj – in the last week

An organized system of robbing public money is happening here . Especially for covid treatment.. Spent 98K for two days (48 hours) towards my parents facility quarantine cum treatment .Only water is provided.. NO food No tea/ coffee .Room rent charged at Rs.7500 per day which is exorbitant.. I found Apollo cheaper when compared to this hospital.District administration should visit this facility and stringent action needed..P.S If you're covered with insurance you're gone .Entire limit they'll wipe out..Be cautious.. In public interest

JK E – 5 months ago

The doctors and the staff provided the best care for both my mother and father, who were seriously ill. They showed round the clock commitment and care to nurture my parents back to good health. I am grateful for their dedication. God bless them.

Vignesh Ram – 2 months ago

Please have card swiping facility. In this digital age it looks very weird. Even the patients have tax problems if you ppl think card swiping may give the hospital extra tax. Even we have to pay more swiping 2 to 3 times. Pls install card swiping machine and also a kind request be lil active and inform the patient bystanders what the pblm and how can we treat..Doctor is well experienced and good but hav lot of complex and ego

Sabeen M – a week ago

Multi speciality hospital, dr available round the clock, challenge is parking

Starwin S – 7 months ago

I had come to the hospital with fever. Duty doctor (young age) attended me and was satisfied with his service.