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michael george – 2 weeks ago

My Mother was admitted in the hospital for the surgery. Doctors performed the surgery pretty well and the regular check ups in the hospital was also fine with decent facility. However, when my Mother was admitted in the ICU ward soon after the surgery, the treatment by the nurse was rude and arrogant. That nurse didn't have the common sense and remorse to treat a 75 years old lady. When my Mother raised this concerns to me, I approached the nurse and asked her about this predicament. Albeit she was not admitting it initially, but later,she acknowledged & admitted when I explained with proof. She finally apologized to me and my Mother too. That problem ended there, I suppose.Now, the Doctor took it personally and they started showing the grudge against my Mother when she visited the hospital. That is absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional from the Doctor & didn't expect such a cheap behaviour from the Doctor. Anyway when I heard similar kind of complaints from many other Clients also about this hospital , I thought it wouldn't make any difference if I take any steps. I recommended my parents not to go to this hospital anymore.

velson s – 3 weeks ago

One of the best orthopaedic hospital in kanyakumari district and the facilities and cost also very reasonable.

Joel John – 3 weeks ago

Best Orthopaedic Hospital in Southern Tamilnadu. Good treatment at very low cost.

Satisfaction with Dr. Maria Subison (Neuro surgeon). Best doctor.

Benil kurusu muthu – 11 months ago

Thiraviam ortho hospital is not worth to take the treatment & this much money. They do not have much service, doctor’s didn’t communicate well about our treatments. We couldn’t know what is going on the treatment. Cost will change based the patient’s financial status instead of treatments. Rooms were not worth & don’t have basic think’s. All hospital services were difficult to approach. If we went to cashless scheme, they will treat like government hospitals. But, we can see unnecessary services in our bill’s.