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ASHISH KUMAR – a week ago

This station preety away from the city centre. You can get trains to Dumka, Banka and Jasidih from here. You will have take a TukTuk (Autorickshaw) or E-rickshaw to go near the city centre after arriving here. The station is located in open atmosphere.

Sundaram Jha – 2 months ago

Very beautiful and clean railway station. Visiting here is a good experience. A very peaceful and great place. This station is near 'Baba Baidyanath Dhaam'.Must visit this place at once.🕉️

Abhishek Tiwary – 3 months ago

Dated: Feb, 2019 Place : Bihar Hello Folks. I had recently been to Patna, Rajgiri and Bodh Gaya and was surprised to see immenseness the place has to offer. It was such a great state in ancient times with four great religions Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism having their most sacred places there. Prime place of importance: · Hindusim Baidyanath Temple, Deoghar · Jalmandir, Pawapuri for the Jains, an important Jain Theerthankar · Patna Sahib Gurudwara, the birth place of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, 10th Sikh Guru · Bodh Gaya, where Mahatma Buddha had meditated. Gaya seems to be a different world in Bihar altogether, with Buddhist temples from across the world displaying their great architecture, yes you can see temples from Thailand, China, Indonesia, Japan etc. The place also boasts of different cuisine restaurants like Thai, Japanese being run by the native people and lots of Buddhist monks. The place is so peaceful and serene. meditating under the Bodhi tree is in my list of one of the best experiences not to miss in India. Nalanda although only ruins narrates it's own story and legacy. With the security guards of that university conducting the first round of entrance interview, the scholars were world class. #bihartourism #thingstoexperienceinIndia #bodhgaya #buddism #nalanda

Aditya Singh – 4 months ago

Deoghar junction isSmall, clean and have good infrastructure. For cleanliness I will give 4/5, for maintainence 3/5. It has 3 platforms and a ticket counter. The bad thing is enquiry counter (पूछ ताछ) is not here.

Bappa Choudhary – 4 months ago

It's totally wonderful. ✨😍