4.6 Based on 1066 reviews
Rana Biswas – 2 months ago

Complete peace of mind and soul. Relaxing and rejuvenating. Chirping birds in the morning. Dew drops on the lawn. Temple bells sound inviting you for the Darshana. Polite staff and great service. The food in the restaurant is delicious and lip smacking. My children had a great time. Surely would return with more friends and family

yash kant pandey – 4 months ago

A good place with nice environment with good facility. Nice day at here and unbelievable place in vrindavan. We can go easily here with child as they are young or small.

Rajat Khanna – 4 months ago

Beautiful property very quiet and calm. Very natural environment. Loved the restaurant too. Only improvement area are room's ACs- everytime we face AC issues..

Nandini Gera – 9 months ago

Very very beautifully built place... amazing Architecture very meticulously designed. The outer boundary wall towards back of ISKCON is a unique brick jali... and inside many arches and beautiful gardens and terrazzo flooring. The restaurant is too good... cheesecakes, burgers, wraps, pizzas and pastas! All very fresh and served with love. The chef must be very trained and expert to be able to pull off the taste. Rooms are very clean and spacious and well designed space, small study table and a fridge and water camper also. Less than 1 min walk to ISKCON temple and Just want to mention again great restaurant!

kevin gagnier – 9 months ago

I have never stayed at the hotel, but from what I know it has a good well deserved reputation. As a resident of Vrindavan for over a year, I have eaten at the restaurant many many times. The restaurant decor is fine, the washroom is clean, the meal selection is good, the food is served in a timely manner and the prices are acceptable. Unfortunately, I may have to find another place for my meals. Gone are the days when I could have a quiet and leisurely lunch with a friend. Other foreigners have occupied the table beside where I sat, and had conversations that only THEY could hear. My recent lunches at the restaurant were spoiled by the arrival of Indian guests. They manage to take over the place, making as much noise as they wish, not once thinking that there are others in the restaurant who would like to enjoy their lunch as well. A crowd of 10 people sounds like a crowd of 100. Dear Indians, PLEASE respect other people. It is not only YOU your group who wish to have a quiet dining experience. We wish to eat an unhurried lunch, without having to listen to loud and inconsiderable restaurant patrons. I work in the tourism industry in Canada, and for many good reasons Indian tourists are not welcome in hotels and restaurants - they are known to be loud, have a sense of entitlement shouting at the waiters, entering the kitchen and putting their children on the table from which they eat! The children are often wearing shoes! IF INDIANS are not willing to respect other restaurant guests, perhaps they can rent out the entire restaurant so they may make noise and shout to their hearts content, as fellow Indians have come to expect a total lack of respect from their countrymen. The foreign visitors, however, respect others who wish to have a leisurely meal in a quiet atmosphere and do their part to make it so