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Keya Roy – 11 months ago

From my perspective, covid treatment is very poor here. It will be ideal if critical patients are not admitted here. Ventilators for corona patients and Ct scan machines are not available here which was not informed to us. Doctors should atleast inform these things at prior.

Arindam Bairagi – 3 months ago

Went for my 2nd dose of vaccine as a mariner. So the process was smooth without much of a hassle and there way of organising the things aren't that bad for a govt hospital. Rest overall look was nice and from majherhat mint it's just walking distance below the jai hind bridge . As it's easily accessible also.

Avinash Kumar – 4 months ago

This hospital is not for common people, it is for port trust employees and seafarer, I was there for covid vaccination, Very friendly staff, though hospital infrastructure is not modern but they kept it clean and maintained.



ipshita nair – 10 months ago

Needs Urgent Improvement! Food quality: Food needs to nutritious which aids patent recovery, patient diets need adequate protein, diabetic patients should not be served sugar laden high carb vegetables. Wards: install Acs, STOP the MOSQUITOES, attendants need to respond to patient calls, bedsheets need to be changed when soiled, for goodness sakes STOP the roaming CATS! Waiting rooms: change the cement seats to cushioned ones! Doctors and Matrons need to go on rounds to together to have a consensus on patient treatment and care Train your personnel to put in channels for blood tranfusion, saline etc so that they don't spill over Listen and ACT on patient feedback. Wait times: doctors and visiting specialists need to come ON TIME instead of making sick patients wait for 4 hours! Repair the broken tiles of your general toilets. It used to be such a well kept hospital with caring staff in the 70s and 80s - now its in a dismal state - please improve.