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Limbad Sewing Machine Co. – 3 years ago

all the teacher are starter @ zero level experience, they pay like 1500/2000 rupees to them , you can now guess that what should these teachers teach to the students....

Muzakeer Raza Khatri Azhari – 3 years ago

Nowadays education has become a mere business strategy.Even in small towns and villages schools are opened in order to loot tremendous amount of money from the parents in the name of fees not in order to serve the nation by giving a bright future to the students. the school hires very very cheap entry level teacher who has no experience in teaching field , the management staff of the school are all Money Thief stoles money from poor student and parents in the name of education , while the original trustees of the school which are NRI in living out of country they pays & send money to school for free education for poor students but the management team members shamefully take this money to their house by sharing among them. as a receptive Citizen of the city , i also feel shame that what the hell is going on as knowing every thing we cant take any action on what is happening because the entire system in currupted

Azhari K – 3 years ago

If u want to waste your education and life for your studies then go to this school, there is nothing here all the teacher of the school are bachler with 0 experience of knowledge, the management team and principal of the school chages in every year, the current managment team of the school are gold Digger and fake the takes money from poor people and students while the trustees of the school already pays them for free education for poor people but these guys have no shame for their life they do not give the benifts to poor student who really want to learn and study, and the school gives and hire teacher @ very cheap salary, after all i also feel very shame on our society where to help other there is no feeling on the managment team

Faizan Noorani – 2 years ago

Super school

Sarfaraz Lala (sarfaraz) – 4 years ago

There is nothing in this school I am studying right now in this school There are no proper teachers And in 1yr 3 principals got changed buy there is nothing Guys if u take my suggestion then u should join another school or leave study but u should never join to this school it's waste of time.