4.4 Based on 134 reviews
SN Sudharsan – 8 months ago

It's a wonderful experience to visit the temple. It's a piece of culture, tradition and history - for those reasons alone it's certainly worth a visit. I truly hope they keep the place a little bit clean and hygienic. Please avoid giving money to anyone there because they tend to gang up.

Sarguna Pandiyan – 10 months ago

Powerful temple. Somewhat do not go there on normal days. The priest and people there keep on asking money if they see foreigners. Very uncultured. No toilet facilities.

Prasanth L – a week ago

Very nice ppl

Revathi Jayan – 10 months ago

Priest keeps on asking money for annadhanam despite of contributing at archanai thattu. Terrible.

Durai Arts – 9 months ago

Very Powerful god