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GAURAV MAHTO – a month ago

Best place for middle class family.. In the last 45 years, Department has made a long journey in training over 140 neurosurgeons. The training provided here is considered the best in the country, as evaluated by independent assessment system. The department is a Mecca for Neurosurgical patient care in India.

suresh Balesara – 7 months ago

No Doubt AIIMS is better than any hospital in India. But hard to get treatment as its flooded with patients. Its best place to get best treatment at affordable price. Its a ray of positive hope for those who can otherwise have no hope. Surely large Indian population & visitors from remote areas make things difficult to manage. Best medical facilities available. The system is evolving and easing the process. One need to have patience, even after having appointment, one has to wait for 2-3hrs based on department you are visiting. Be assured, you would get right medical assistance. Parking facilities is very good. We need to understand & cooperate, to enjoy effective treatment.

shirin – 5 months ago

It's good. People are cooperative. It's so helpful.

Nitin Parashar – 4 months ago

Looks clean and good. AIIMS provide World class facilities with almost at zero cost. Few places left where you will find medical fraternity otherwise it's has been commercialize completely.

LORD COBRA – 3 months ago

Nah..... My father went here for retina displacement surgery ... Retina is still not joined after 3 surgeries..... It's been 1.5 year..since we went to aiims for the first time...... Go for good rather then giving your life to some inexperience junior