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Pranav Singh – a year ago

Baba Baidyanath temple is a shaktipeeth, out of 12 this is one.

Mohit Pandey – a month ago

The place is worthy of much more attention and devotion. The profound feeling of the eagerness and devotion of all devotees visiting this holy shrine is more than one could ask for. Though the pandas out there can be on the edge for money sometimes, but a journey as a whole it is too mesmerizing. If you just want to seek blessings from the lord,then i would suggest you to not entertain the pandas more than necessary. Some of them just want your money(not all). As a city, deoghar is very good and yet it doesn't stop striving to be better. The place surely makes you want to visit again.

Amit Kumar – a year ago

A divine place where you can sense the peace from the bottom of your heart. A very good place to get relaxed and get rid off all sorts of worries and anxiety. Also the place has developed a lot providing all basic facility and the queue system of entering into the temple was awesome.. I just loved visiting this place..

Amardeep Kumar – 11 months ago

As and when you will enter the temple premises you will feel peace of mind. A kind of happiness will come automatically and you will forget all the world and you will remember only God. To feel all this, you have to enter into the temple premises with devotional spirit. Lots of people come here to pray and you will find lots of crowd on daily basis. After doing pray you will feel energetic and excited and your heart will not allow you to leave the temple premises...

NISHI VERMA – a year ago

Great place of hindu worship.🙏🙏. There is too much crowd in the month of July and August i.e sawan ka mahina. People bring water i.e jal from simariya ghat . And go walking bare footed speaking and dancing all the way. It is said than Ravana was a great follower of lord Shiva. And the Shivalinga here is established by Ravana. At last I would say that you must go there once in your life. Jai baba bholenath 🙏🙏