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bhaskara rao manne – 3 months ago

I went to hospital multiple times whenever my son or daughter suffering from cold or fever, every time doctor prescribed only anti biotics for my children at initial stage also. Initially I felt my children recovering good as I don't have much idea about doctor's prescription, but my children not much active even after days of recovery. Later we realised that because of antibiotics from day 1 of normal cold and fever, my children suffering from health issues continuosly. And we stopped going to hospital and started homeopathy even recovery is slow. Now my children felt active and not suffering mich from cold and fever as like antibiotics time. One day I bring my daughter to this hospital at day 1 of fever with 99 degrees fever just to check. On that day lady doctor (forgot name of the doctor) not there and her husband (doctor) just saw my child and fever level. And simply written antibiotics without doing treatment with normal medication for few days. Luckily without taking any prescribed medication (except P250 tonic) she recovered well. It happened 3 years back and I didn't went to this hospital from taht day. We have to think of how children future will affect by using more antibiotics from day 1 of regular fever or cold.

pavan kumar – 7 months ago

Best treatment for the people for ordinary person's and for all. Good responds by doctor's and staff and . dr.vishnu sir guidance was so good and polite and other doctor also Thank you

sleeva reddy – 3 months ago

Very bad service staff was not good time waste for treatment

Kishore Kumar – 8 months ago

They are charging 2,00,000/- (2 lakhs) for 5 days for covid treatment.( just for mild symptoms). Room rent itself is 28000 per day. Rest of the 12000 is for medication. So, per day 40000 rupees. Note: This amount is not for the serious case of covid patients, Just for mild symptoms only. Can someone from the hospital be able to deny it?? I clearly asked you that can you be able to deny anything that I have informed above. Thank you for suggesting me to take the matter to the higher authorities. will definitely do, thanks for the update 👍

Somayaji C V R S P – 5 months ago

We have been visiting this hospital from past 7 years ,since the birth of our child. Dr. Sireesha and Dr. Rajashekar treats the kids very well and they try to avoid hospitalization of kids as much as possible and give treatment as OP.