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Siva Subramania pillai – a month ago

Located in the heart of the city, hardly 1/2 a mile from mofussil busstand, approximately five kilometer from railway station. One of the oldest hospital in Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu

Gnana Vajith – 4 weeks ago

One of the old mission hospital in British time. good hospital.


I haven't been there, but know some patients who were treated there

Anusiya R15 – 4 months ago

Past 2 years before it was too good... nowadays(covid start time) it. Was very worst...they fully money motive....they charged too much without proper intimation due to covid.. my mother was admitted there due to diabetic wound... without any information they alert a room under covid ward... three days we stay...they charged 35000/_..first they gave a fee structure then i started to argue they cut those fee and rewrite near again gave 30000/_ ... Before we stayed it was very they charged high due to covid...they didn't convey proper information...only one day doctor visit us ..they said nothing...we paid and fight and discharged...again we admitted another hospital they said it's a severe wound why you don't look it ...our neighbour room mate also shared that they have admited for fever for two days and charged thirty two thousand... a good hospital can change as a worst......full of money motive and not proper treatment..

ajith sg – 2 months ago

Worst hospital...please dont get admitted here...full of money minded..