2.3 Based on 11 reviews
AkanshaMittal – 4 months ago

I went there for 2nd dose of covisheild Social distancing ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Facilities good I have booked my slot 11-1:00 pm. But after 1:00 pm they said there is a lunch break 1:00 pm -2:00 pm. This is not good. After requesting them they are ready for our vaccination before they took a lunch break. They should maintain all these things. It took time due to two types of individual slot booking one and walk-in one..

suraj singh – 8 months ago

This is very bad covid 19 vaccination centre if you're going for covid 19 vaccination purpose because at this centre having a slot on cowin is worthless because these guys doesn't care a damn about cowin slot they simply said that if you wanna vaccinate here come here at 6am and get in a queue and gates will open at 9:30am and they distribute around 100 tokens to people in queue irrespective of if you're having a registration or walk in and they mostly distribute to their acquaintances or people having rutba around and respective left tokens given to common people . I mean the problem with this centre is there is no management no social distancing and above all no priority given to those people who are having slots on specific date . I simply wanna tell you all whoever going to this centre please visit as early as possible and it is better to wear a ppe kit because there gonna be a lot of rush and you guys gonna struggle to get a single token. God bless this centre 🙏🙌

Rati Jain – 5 months ago

There is no system of vaccination the staff was given the vaccination to their own staff first. Whose slotes were booked they were waiting for the vaccination. it was a very dirty place and there were many mosquitoes 🦟

sush Sharma – 4 months ago

Staff is so irresponsible, I booked my slot for 9-11 and they started registration only after 10,took so much time for every single thing plus civil services personals were so late as well, no professionalism at all.

Atul Aggarwal – 8 months ago

Stand in line for 4 hours to just come back to home empty-handed.