4.4 Based on 83 reviews
vinoth john – a week ago

The place where the Lord dwells. The best hospital for infants and children. Poor people are treated very, very little, or completely free of charge. The hospital premises are kept very clean. The hospital works in a way that brings peace of mind and confidence. Hospital management focuses more on children than parents.

RAJESH – 3 months ago

Excellent hospital and Dr. Sherlin is the one of the best and talented doctor for childrens. He is very kind,efficient and friendly with patients.

Palanivel Rajan – 3 months ago

Green and Clean Environment. Budget Rooms. Reasonable Fare. Best for Child care and Maternity. Dr. Madona(Maternity) and Dr. Jebin (NICU), Shelin, RamaKrishnan (Child care) are good kind towards patients. NICU has good facilities and provided with all necessary equipments. Some of the nurses are not responding well. But care taking is too good for infants. My wife gave birth to our second child here. Overall experience is Good.

King of Kings – 3 months ago

Most pathatic hospital ever for kids. I had been to the hospital to see a relative. The outside look is great, but inside looks are pathatic. The ICU does not has any monitors, ventilators, IVs, no equipments. The ICU has no ventilation. The doctors are rude and pathatic. Dont they have a basic etiquette of handling the parents and talking to them? Do the doctors think that the kids are samples for them to do trial & errors? Top hospitals like KIMS are not showing attitude towards patients and attendants, not sure why these small hospitals have so much attitude. There is no proper canteen, patients have to bring their own bedspreads and pillows. For parents who are visiting this hospital please check the facilities and the experience of the doctors. Dont risk your kids life. To hospital Mgmt, please visit some renowned children hospitals and look at the infrastructure and facilities they provide and then plan to run a hospital. Dont run hospital just to fill your pockets. Hope you understand my message!

PRAVEEN J – 4 months ago

Here doctor are friendly mainly ,my wife consult with dr.madona ,she is very friendly with patients so we can ask doubt, hospital admit room is not satisfied it looks too old that's the problem.