3.5 Based on 11 reviews
suresh thaduri – 2 months ago

Poor people who are not affordable to buy daily uses masks aare buying and wearing properly But here no one wearing mask at recipient members. Inspite of handling sensitivity , they are loudly talking and making disturbence. And sending patients into consultant room is not in Q way. Overall it's worst management. I heard good about doctor. Having good feedback not enough to come patients to hospital. Good maintenance and management is also needed. Thanks

MA akbar – in the last week

Doctor is good but hospital staff is worest... behaviour with patients..... Worest x ray staff.... please don't visit om Sri Sai hospital..... Jagitial....

rajesh jaishetty – 2 months ago

Good service Good treatment speed recovery

Nagabhushanam Donthula – 4 months ago

Worst management. Only recommendation is working in the hospital.

vinay jumbarthi – 7 months ago

One of the worst hospital in jagitial , staff is only good for looking not a service & more over management is Zero