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SMJ Communication – 2 weeks ago

Providing Good Treatment. Doctors and nurses good caring and so kind approach. I am fully satisfied with their treatment.

AJITH R – in the last week

Very Bad experience, During COVID second wave, we got admitted a patient while they tested positive, after 5 days of treatment with deteriorated health condition they have discharged the patient. No advise to take patient for better care. Worst of it was, they have not given discharge summary while discharge. after one day the health has deteriorated further and asked Rathana hospital for readmission. They denied further care and we had hard time to get admission with other hospital because we didn't know the test reports and treatment given. Very Bad Treatment for sensitive care. Same medical procedure for all, not giving medical care based on patients reports. For many patients it works (standard protocol). But for few people it doesn't work, which for sure doctors will know, they should recommend to other hospital before the condition get worse. But that doesn't happen here. According to me this hospital is good for safe procedure and standard care. Not for any other cases.

gnana dinesh – 3 weeks ago

This is a good hospital we are currently receiving pregnancy treatment here. All the staff who work here take good care of as if they were householders. . Doctor's and nurses they will clear up any doubts immediately and ensure .Good news for anyone who goes here. . All the doctors and paramedics who work here will take good care of you. The hospital adheres to good looking safety rules in a clean manner everywhere.. But there is only one problem in my care which is that the dining restaurant for the people who come to the hospital is not here. . If dining restaurant will available everybody will be really satisfied . Thanks & Best Regards GNANA DINESH

kalai vani – 3 weeks ago

Very good hospital and treatment. Dr.Shanthi mam awesome care to the patient. The nurses are so kind and have very good relationship with patient. Thank you so much shanthi mam and also thank all nurses and other workers. Thanks to God.

Isravel Isravel – in the last week

I have had an appreciable experience from Rathna, they have provided me with an efficient and prompt service during my lap surgery. Thank you Dr. MAHILAN to good treatment commincation, all staff Good service.....