3.2 Based on 28 reviews
Ramesh Kumar – 7 months ago

Money minded, no responsibilities. My family members was admitted, no transparency on bill, treatment and patient condition etc. They were always says no death record. But its not true, either hospital management trying to hide it, if not hospital owner's protocol. Even something happened in a shift, the next shift staffs doesn't know what happened. Its including death. Also they will know more better the attendee mind set in a critical situation, so the staffs will play nicely. I provided 1star , very poor review. I dont refer this hospital to anyone in any situations.

anjooran – 3 months ago

it is affordable to common people . infrastructure and facilities ar under delvoping stage.occupied with radiology department .lab and icu.covid care treatments avalialable.

tina mary – 4 months ago

I’ve consulted in this hospital many years before . Now The hospital has been upgraded with lot of new facilities. All speciality doctors are available now . We came for eye doctor consultation and felt so happy that we could consult Ent, paediatrician and Diabetologist physician dr in the same premises . even Ct scan and lab was available in the same campus . Staff was also very helpful. Charges are also very nominal and reasonable compared to big hospitals we have visited before. Good experience. Keep up the service .

MS Ratheesh – 7 months ago

I have admitted my relative in this hospital. One head nurse is there she is deciding the money charges of patients. I have doubt whether management or head nurse is the main authority in hospital .she charged 33000 Rs per day for corona " NEGATIVE" Patient and then we pleased to less the money she reduced somewhat again she is putting various bills ,at one stage we can't tolerate the number of bills so we asked her and she said if you can't pay the money u can discharge from hospital.Was She the authority person of this hospital?.so I request the management to lookafter this and act correctly for peoples wellness and not to allow the headnurse to act as all in all.

Suresh T – 3 months ago

Worst Hospital, Their goal is only to earn money. 💯 Money minded