4 Based on 115 reviews
Prabhat Sangwan – a month ago

Excellent campus like a 5 star hotel man....u say money can't buy happiness habibi come to rama

Saurabh Verma – 4 months ago

Best for JR .You will easily do your pg studies without much effort with struggling time ...

Sanjeev Saini – 5 months ago

Great facility and good treatments.

Ayush Sharma – 5 months ago

Happy satisfactory fabulous marvellous outstanding fantastic and extraordinary......with a hint of sarcasm in the sentence

Amit even222 – 9 months ago

Rama hospital invites patient in camp(free) and then 8-10 days irritate them. Then ask him for money (18k-20k) for operation and medicine. It's the worst hospital I have ever seen in my life. Don't come in to this hospital in any situation Please consider on my words. Thank you