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Kumar Gaurav Agarwal – 2 months ago

Very bad experience so far, staff is just like owner with casual approach. Dr do not have time to even visit and chk the patient on 16Hrs.very bad

Anwar Malik – 6 months ago

more expensive.staff is not good. There is a problem of water, there is not much arrangement .no seating facility .There is no facility according to the amount of money you take.These people take advantage of coercion.and .Final service is not correct..

Gagan Sharma – 2 months ago

A COMPLETE GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE, which COSTS you a lot of MONEY Thirs class hospital. No process, no hygiene. Unskilled nursing staff. Fully chaotic. No seating space. Such a Big Hospital but always TAKES CASH. Can't even use DEBIT CARD. My father got operated and they even asked us to buy medical tape. They used 3cms worth of tape and kept the rest to themselves !! My father was called at 8am for a minor cyst removal procedure but doctors came at 11am and operated at 12 and discharged at 3 pm. They called my father hungry for local anaesthesia and kept him for 7 hours. No water was offered. Again, when the father went for removal of stitches, the guard standing outside came inside the dressing room 4 times to spit PAAN inside the chamber dustbin. Upon complaining to the ward boy, he simply called the guard inside again and said, "Ye Babuji wants to say something to you...". So patients are expected to maintain chamber hygiene compliance themselves. I don't blame them but rather the lalaji ji ki dukaan ke managers and owners. FYI Many lifts are not working. Patient attendant has no place to sit or even a fan Canola was inserted in the arm and not even used once. Please take your enemies there, not your loved ones. MCI should look into this so-called hospital with so poor sanitary standards.

Ekansh Rastogi – a year ago

In my opinion Cosmos hospital is best in mbd as comparable to other hospitals. Treatment is best and result assured.

Layered Art – 4 months ago

Pathetic Hospital.... Dr. Ankit Singhal(Neuro) is visiting patients in his own private clinic, not in Cosmos Hospital. His compounder is compelling us to visit Dharma Clinic(which is Dr. Ankit Singhal's private clinic) and misbehaving with us stating that, "Aapk hisab se thodi na chalega hospital". The charge of his visit is 150 Rs. more in his private clinic than the charge of his visit in Cosmos. Seriously, I used to think Cosmos to be a well maintained and amazing service providing hospital, but I was completely wrong. Cosmos Management must keep a check on such doctors for the welfare of their patients. These doctors are using Cosmos Hospital for their own personal benefit.