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Naveen Putta – 2 months ago

I went for an Covid-19 Vaccination. Pathetic Experience with the Staff as they don't follow time on when they come and eat others valuable time. People who come to get vaccinated are really suffering a lot because of no clarity from staff and their irresponsibility. They don't have minimal concern/empathy towards People. Kind request to staff that do understand that everyone has precious time in their life, don't waste others time who come to you to get vaccinated. Do your duties properly so that you can be atleast righteous for yourself.

Mohammed Arif – a month ago

As we know about GOVT services, But quick response, Will face huge crowd for COVID-19 vaccines in starting hours. I randomly visit when i feel sick 🤒🤧🤕😅

Sandhya Sharma – 8 months ago

unfortunate that we went to this centre for vaccination. There was no queue , we were puzzled to see around 50 people pushing each other inside without forming a line , and surprisingly covid patients are walking for medicines amidst people waiting for vaccination. Why are we vaccinating when we don't care to segregate covid patients and normal people who come for vaccination. This place is one vivid example for why we fail to organise and control situation like Covid. No queues, nobody to check numbers, careless staff busy with phones, now at this point I even doubt if my parents we vaccinated.

devarapu raju yadav – 2 months ago

Vaccine free or cost information pls any one urgent

swamy venkata naga amara – 8 months ago

1) There should be a big sign board, while entering a lane, where this hospital located. Because it is located in the tag end of line 2) There is more vaccant place, then why the authorities do not plan to administer covid vaccine in the vaccant place. Inside the premises, there is suffocation and there is possibility that one may get corona from covid patients. 3) Staff is very good 4) Administration very nice 5) Corona testing area must be earmarked.