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Raju sandipog – a year ago

Really impressed about the staff and especially swarupa & Ayub Khan on OPD was worthless..thanks a lot

Vicky Vicky – 4 weeks ago

Most of the 5 star reviews here are Fake. Try reading the Lowest reviews. You will be shocked to see their flaws they pay Google and agencies to get them good ratings and reviews with pictures of their infrastructure to impress new customers/patients. Please save your loved ones. They can kill a patient for extracting money. Be careful. Apollo is much much better

Kathleen Kiagiri – a year ago

Excellent expertise and experienced surgical staff. Thank you, Dr. Rao, for leading this specialty hospital to great heights of service and hope for the patients! Cleanliness is a priority well observed. Special commendation to Roshan of the International Patients staff who gave help even during his medical leave. (More fluent, English-speaking staff would be appreciated.) Colon cancer treatment is a long journey. Thankful to the Oncology Department - Dr. Khan and Dr. Reddy and Radiology staff. Grateful for the friendly ICU nurses when post-surgery care is important. AIG Hospitals can be recommended without any reservations. Be prepared to wait sometimes because their good services have been discovered.

Rajnish Dasari – 2 months ago

Day 1 Huge hospital but worst management. Administrative staff is useless, management needs to invest in more logical and systematic patient centric systems. From billing to diagnosis to report collections everything thing needs to be revamped with patient centric approach. Firstly display the list of doctors with specializations... then have a single window token system for each patient which he can use until in hospital premise. Senior citizens should be given priority which is completely overlooked. Currently there are no systems in place its just like a government general hospital but with latest equipment. Pricing is at par with other hospitals but processes and other administrative services are THE WORST!!!! Day 2 Another example of non patient centric systems. CT scan is in B3 level. You have a sign board showing the reception area for CT scan, as soon as you go there you will be asked to walk in opposite direction because appointment booking and billing is on the other side. Please ensure to bring in two well built attendees with you so that they can run for you in different directions to get information. God save senior citizens and I wish hospital good luck for future survival 🙏🏻. Unless you have a Very specific complication in gastric areas and you don't have expertise in entire city of Hyderabad and when you can afford two or three attendees to run for you here till then please keep this hospital as last option. On a side note: I roamed around the entire lobby area and reception areas to see if I have missed out any boards with list of doctors and their specializations but NO, there isn't any board with list if doctors and their specializations.

Ravitej Reddy – a year ago

AIG Hospital, Gachibowli. Currently top and finest hospitals in Hyderabad with their Hygiene Campus and patient friendly doctors. Had a pleasant experience in getting treatment. Dr. Naveen Chandra Reddy, Extremely happy with you sir. Thank you so much.🙏. AIG insurance desk : Very helpful . Their kind gesture and polite behaviour makes them stand unique. Appreciate and high regards to " AnitaRaj " Helped in the need of the hour and made Hassel free with insurance process. Special thanks to her.👍