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Vaibhav Jaiswal – 3 months ago

Worst ever hospital I have ever seen in my life. They charge lots of money. In my knowledge 5 relatives visited there for there check up and sadly they died. I don't know whats the issue with this hospital. I think doctors are inexperienced and lack of knowledge. The relative which visited the hospital were normal or in good health but they died after admitting in the hospital. This hospital only knows how to charge money from patients. If there is normal problem to the patient they suggest to do operation so that they can charge heavy money and after operation patient dies.

Ankush jaiswal96 – in the last week

The only good thing in City hospital is Dr. AK mall , very polite gives his patients time . Except Dr.Mall nothing is good in City hospital They charge high for the facilities they provide An average people cannot afford the expenses incurred in the treatment of their patients Hospital staff are also not too supportive ,they will make you hopeless The hospital needs only money from you they don't care for you and your financial problems The worst department in the hospital is PHARMACY department they don't even provide discount of ₹1 and also talks rudely with the patient's attendent also they take more time in preparing bill and delivering medicine Overall if you have more money then only come to this hospital else don't even think 2 stars are only for Dr Mall

med tech – a month ago

It is one of the best hospitals near brd medical college gorakhpur

Google User – 3 months ago

Worst hospital ever. Your have better chances in some government PHC.

Satish Kumar – 8 months ago

Worst hospital. Never go for any heart related ailment. I lost my father due to careless attitude of this hospital. My father has congestive heart failure. Dr Akhilesh Patel asked me to admit at City Hospital. I did that i asked him to let me know if any surgery required. He told me that he would be fine in 24 to 48 hours. After 48 hours his situation got worse and he told me that to admit him at a higher center where open heart surgery is possible. It was too late that time. Unfortunately i lost him.