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Maheeth Veluvali – a year ago

The place I was born!

College Beats – 3 years ago

I grew up here so i know what it is to do in.. Very clean to be honest.. Very well maintained. Free for the employees and their family, its very well designed and its easy to find the specified department once u visit it 2 or 3 times.. Staffs are almost always present and moreover it has a chart just after the entrance that shows which doctwrs are present today to attend the patients and when will they go. So thats very helpful. The services are good, if not very fast. But it does have almost everything a big hospital has.

suraj behera – 2 years ago

Cleanliness is very good.. location is also good..

srinu Dongri – a year ago


Mr.Malati Tadingi – 3 years ago

Great location Hospital for all ...good calm