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vinay kumar – 2 months ago

Lalit Narayana Mishra, railway hospital gorakhpur.... It is near @Asuran_chauk... The railway employees get a lot of medical benefits from here.... There is an emergency at just when enter the hospital.. You can come here any time 24*7 and get treated for your emergency pain. The OPD is open 9 to 5 every day where you can see a doctor for your respective disease. You can have your medicines at the distribution rooms.... All the facilities as mentioned above and much more... Free of cost... But only for railway employees.

Kamlesh Dhobi – a month ago

Very poor service Dr. & paramedical nurse's. Very disappointing 😞

Dr Shubham Srivastava – 9 months ago

Good hospital but for railway employees only

pankaj kumar – 6 months ago

Booked Covaxin on 25/06/2021 for my father. But the lady vaccinated my father with covidshield without telling him that she is going to vaccinate him with covidshield not Covaxin. After vaccination my father got a message on mobile about successfully vaccinated by covidshield. When confronted her she simply said " Yaha hum sabko covidshield ho laga rahe hai". Such a responsible answer. Irresponsible behaviour, carelessness while on duty was on peak.

Kundan Kumar Singh – 4 months ago

The poor condition of washrooms & toilet at the LNM Railway Hospital GORAKPUR (female word).But best doctors.