3.3 Based on 64 reviews
Krishna Sharma – 4 months ago

No facility is good here, everyone does it arbitrarily, after applying the number, we all are troubled by getting treatment here, there is a lot of problem, we have been very upset, everyone and those who are Ayushman card holders have their own arbitrariness. Yes, if you have come today for treatment, then it will take at least 2 days if you want to save your family, then please do not get this treatment done, this behavior is also done in a very useless way, finally you do not get treatment here. It is true but the employees behave very dirty, all of you will not have to go to the doctor only after the employees, if the employees do not let them go, then what will you do if you want to get your family treated well, then do not get it done here.

Hemant Tiwari – 5 months ago

Such a decent, neat & clean, well disciplined and caring institution I have ever seen. Medical process fast and convenient. Everything is perfectly. Staff was very helpful.

Abhijeet Tripathi – 4 months ago

Good hospital,Great Doctor,staff is very supportive. Neat and clean and caring institutions.Best facility is available

Hemant Tiwari – 5 months ago

Hanumanprasad Poddar Cancer Hospital is one of the oldest and most famous cancer hospital in Gorakhpur. It is beneficial for all the adjoining areas including Bihar and Nepal. This center provides best possible treatment at affordable prices. In fact it is the best cancer hospital in the purvanchal belt.

Sonu Shahi – 5 months ago

Very rude staff and doctor they don't no how tall patent and people we have problem foroutu we need just no our problem and we need go other doctor so we need our file and when we ask that they say you can get appointment and talk doctor for I'm not need treatment here then we do that go for appointment and call for our qué but stag day you go and come next week then we request pless give me file but they ask for money very rude staff and doctors we don't recommend and we need hospital staff and gourment pless see and do good because this कैंसर हॉस्पिटल here not all people rich very bad service and very rude sorry to say but that's true here's only need your money not treatment