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LKY Talks – 7 months ago

Place for COVID 19 Vaccination 👍👍 Helping Health Care Staff.

Satyam Prajapati – 4 months ago

Vaccination mployees of this CHC are very careless. About 200 men and women were gathered till 11.00am but no any employee come til this time. As you can see in photos a very large crowd gathered but no any fans are available . No any staff have to following the social distancing. One thing is good at this CHC is without booking any slots you can take your vaccine doses. People say that Modi and Yogi government are wrong, I say look at the government later, first see that the government does not ask any employees to come to its office 1 hour late. Some people get into the habit of eating haraam, which stays with them for the rest of their life. When there is a lot of crowd in the line, then at 12 o'clock two constables come, out of which one is a young man, he is doing the right thing and the other is already fit by pressing paan and gutkha in his mouth. This is the situation of it.

Shivendra Yadav – 6 months ago

LOST WONDER – a month ago