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Abdulla Arshad – a year ago

University of veterinary

rangavets 1962 – 4 months ago

Rajasthan State veterinary graduate student and all india wise all students admition compitition say good University

Kashish Makker – 7 months ago

Today, at 3 in the morning i took my cat to the hospital because she was very sick. The department has a board which says "OUTDOOR 24/7" but the gate was locked and there was not a single person who responded from the place. There were no resident doctors available also. This hospital is considered the best but there was not a single person, not even a guard.

Vishnu Bishnoi – 3 months ago

This is good university for professor because I don't think their is any students benefit from this university except they got the degree after finishing their 5 years.. . I don't know much but I know that things aren't good much like they seem too.

Pukhraj Jagarwal – a month ago

RAJU AS is excellent university of veterinary science in Rajasthan