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BENNY PAUL THOMAS – 5 months ago

Nice 😌 done my rtpcr and antigen there....nice people good service

Gopal Khatri – 7 months ago

Today. On 12.06.2021. the vaccination day for second dose at MCW Gautam Nagar. but there a frod in distribution of tokens.only 80 nos of tokes was issued in morning and sent back so many people . In after noon 100 doses are given . Only 2 nd dose is to be given .. check the status please.

Arjun Kumar – 8 months ago

MCD Dispensary deals in allopathy as well as Ayurvedic treatment

Ayush Jaiswal – 3 months ago

This metero is best

ARUN GUPTA – 8 months ago

Unorganised vaccination center