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Cartridge Bazzar – in the last week

Location is not properly mentioned in the Google Page....the easiest way to get there is just ask anyone POLYCLINIC IN TEACHER'S COLONY. Eles even Google map doesn't work accurate

J A R Y A L – 3 months ago

The staff is irresponsible specially that one ill mannered lady ( with a big bindi) she always ignores the people on counter and she is always on her phone. I went their for NA , that lady didn't even knew that stamp is used for NA. She just put the date in and gave it back to me. HOW IRRESPONSIBLE The WINDOW COUNTER where we stand to get Medicine is so dirty TOTALLY UNHYGIENIC

Samyak Jain – 6 months ago

Block B, Delhi Administration Flats, Timarpur, Delhi, 110007 This is the proper address of polyclinic timarpur phc for vaccination

HK Official – 7 months ago

1. located in govt. Flats and no proper signboards are there. Google location is also misleading...dont rely on location 2. Located in residential colony and even society guard is not aware that there is any polyclinic in it 3. Went for vaccination and even after prior online appointment it is not availble. have to wait for long 4. lady incharge was shouting on people standing in que as if its there mistake if dose is not available 5. It is mentioned dispensary on board however people coming was searching for polyclinic....

UPSC Prep – 3 months ago

Friendly staff .. hygienic centre