4.2 Based on 9 reviews
Suresh Kulkarni – 7 months ago

I rate this govt clinic as one of the best in Dharwad, a great applause to the head of the clinic and the whole staff there, they have so much of patience, in spite of huge crowd of 400-500 people who wants to be vaccinated, they arranged the things like queue, token, registration, vaccination and post vaccination advice and care. God bless the whole staff.

Giridhar M Desai – 10 months ago

It's an excellent Health center. All the staff are cooperative and discharge their duties effectively. Especially Covid vaccination program is implemented in a systematic way

Sharad Alatagi – 8 months ago

Wonderful service by the head and all the staff, very friendly, cooperative, very kind service more than a private sir speciality hospital

Prateek Kulkarni – 5 months ago

I don't know about other staff but, there was 1 person, who seems to be incharge, had no patience, talked rudely on asking 2-3 queries, hopeless person, felt like smashing his face

smitha turnari – 5 months ago