4.2 Based on 533 reviews
Christulas Jyoti – 4 months ago

Need to maintain it. If maintained. It is such a wonderful tourist spot. Tourist department need to look the same.

GOUTAM ROY – 2 weeks ago

One of the best historical place in Bihar.very nice maintain in side the fort.

Saahil Shakeel – 4 months ago

An amazing and peaceful place with breathtaking views and don’t forget to go the nearby waterfalls which is a 15 minutes trek from the fort. If you are trekking to the fort then it’s fine but if you are going by your own vehicle it can be time consuming as the road is not good and only professional drivers can drive there. Apart from that the fort is beautiful and free of cost entry. But as there is no one taking care of the fort it’s a bit untidy. But a perfect place for a day trip.

Naveen Kumar – 5 months ago

Best for Traiking, And Nature Beauty.

satyam kumar – a month ago

Visited a few times and it never gets boring. The amount of work it must have taken to create this always amazes me.