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Sam's Slow-motion – 2 years ago

I am a CIO (case investigation officer) at Pharmacovigilance department, recently i was came from Mumbai and admitted in this hospital on 17 July 2019. I just want to share my personal experience in this hospital as below. 1. There are very less numbers of stand avalable in the hospital. 2.The toilets have not proper lock to door and there is no tubelight or bulb available for the patients in toilet area. 3.The staff members giving the injection to the patients via intramuscular route (instead of intravenous route) which results in too much painful for the every patient including children and senior citizens. 4. If we need to blood test then the hospital provide the report after 3 days which is not acceptable. Note : Request you, kindly take a positive action regarding above points. Thanks and regards, Salman Shaikh

ashish kapse – 2 years ago

My work place

Ganesha Puri – 3 years ago

Much crowded

Ritesh Narkhede – a year ago

Arun Barde – 8 months ago