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Azeez Abdullah – 2 months ago

Shows that it is open on Sunday ... but when me go there it is not open ... Is the exact update not happening ...?

Hakkim M – 10 months ago

Covid 19 vaccination is succesfully going on by experienced nurses with good behaviour

SPARK MOTORS – 3 years ago

Good primary health center Also medical lab also here

ASHRAF MUHAMED – 3 years ago

PHC PANDIKKAD പ്രാഥമികാരോഗ്യ കേന്ദ്രം Apart from the regular medical treatments, PHCs in India have some special focuses. ▪ Infant immunization programs: Immunization for newborns under the national immunization program is dispensed through the PHCs. This program is fully subsidised ▪ Anti-epidemic programs: The PHCs act as the primary epidemic diagnostic and control centres for the rural India. Whenever a local epidemic breaks out, the system's doctors are trained for diagnosis. They identify suspected cases and refer for further treatment. ▪ Birth control programs: Services under the national birth control programs are dispensed through the PHCs. Sterilization surgeries such as vasectomy and tubectomy are done here. These services, too, are fully subsidised. ▪ Pregnancy and related care: A major focus of the PHC system is medical care for pregnancy and child birth in rural India. This is because people from rural India resist approaching doctors for pregnancy care which increases neonatal death. Hence, pregnancy care is a major focus area for the PHCs. Dr.MAT (Dr.MUHAMED ASHRAF THEKKEDATH)

NIKHIL K – a week ago