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BrutallyHonest – 4 years ago

First of all this is not a hospital, it is just another clinic with unskilled doctor. But still good for those who have to visit for general fever, stomachache and other general ailments. And yes, for small wounds if someone needs a quick dressing he can visit here. Very unhygienic to be called a hospital - a kiryana shop would have better hygiene this clinic. NEVER EXPECT A HUMANE ADDRESSAL IF YOU VISIT IN LATE NIGHT HOURS 👎

Mandeep Kaur – 4 years ago

Nice and it is not expensive.it is good for general patients like fever,vomiting etc. And doctor is really good,because he gives a good suggestion if any person suffer from any disease and refer the patient to a well qualified doctor's hospital,it is a hospital which cure you in less fee

Anil Aulakh – 4 years ago

nice place to visit

Vinod Verma – 4 years ago


Raj Kumar – 3 years ago