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Kalhan Sanyal – a year ago

Me being a genetic disciple of Ramakrishna Order, me well aware of the divine and spiritual ways in this blessed culture .Specifically I did not visit this location but long back we did visit Margarita for very brief . The purpose of my present browsing is try to help a child who lives in a location say 60 km from Margherita, Miew spelling may not be exact in ARUNACHAL Pradesh. If only he could get a chanc in the Narottam Nagar school and hostel as a free facility and get the character building chance in Swamiji blessings . My prayer . I have already suggest this to the eldest sister of the boy . Now THAKUR knows His plan . Kalhan Sanyal from Gurgaon.

Kumar aryan – 3 years ago

Superb.....schhol Good environment Experienced faculty GooD facility Science lab .....etc

Chosum Murphew – 3 years ago

My guy's here. So prolly a very good school 👌👌🤙

Swami Jneyananda – 4 years ago

A place where the future citizens of India have ample opportunities to build their character and develop their skills.

Animesh Jana – a year ago