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Nitin rohtagi – 2 months ago

BEWARE ! Highly unprofessional Company. Its my second bitter experience with them. They have made mockery of my project. Highly unprofessional execution team, they always are on the mercy of their manufacturing unit. They take 100% payment in advance from you with a good lead time in delivery. After receipt of advance the marketing guys stop responding to calls and take their own sweet time. Their deliveries are never on time. Guys there are a lot of other better brands with better delivery timelines and quality. Do your research before falling in this trap. PS: I am an Architect in practice from the past 15 years and the order was approx 20 lacs. Now you can imagine what they will do to the retail buyers.

Sushil Yadav – 2 weeks ago

Booked Fenesta system for my house and I paid advance for same. One of my friends suggested to go for Scheuco and I took quotation from them. I was surprised to see that there was huge price difference between both almost 30%. I googled about Scheuco and found them to he world's topmost brand for Aluminium doors and windows. I discussed this issue with Fenesta sales team and they gave me revised quotation which was somewhat less but again there was huge price difference. I asked them for cancellation and asked specifically whether there will be any kind of deductions and Karan told that we will give you full refund. I called many times for my refund and nothing was done. They even stopped picking up my calls. I finally sent someone from my company and talked with their supervisors It took around four months for refund and Rs. 30000 was deducted from it. Really disappointed and had very bad experience. Highly overpriced. Don't recommend to anyone.....

Ekansh Dewan – a month ago

Horrendous experience! One Year after placing the order and still one window missing. One Balcony Window installation never completed. No one picks up phone, they take advance money and cheat their customers! Buyers beware, do not take their over priced products which are 2-3 times their competitors pricing and forget their customers.


Very good modular UPVC solution compared to conventional building material....

prajapati krishna – 3 months ago

Fabulous showroom, one stop solution for all windows need...