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Sangeetha V.K – 2 months ago

Went there for the covid vaccine (came back without being vaccinated) but was disappointed by the staff behavior. And from what I have seen they don't care about govt. Protocols regarding the covid there where no social distancing and vaccine was distribution was given without any priority the ones who have booked online and ones who haven't booked online everyone was given vaccine at the same time. If that is how your vaccine policy is then why did you put only 30 slots in the site?cause there where more than 100 people there. The staff behavior was also out of the line when questions were asked. In shot the experience was pretty pathetic.

Komala Jayaprakash – 8 months ago

Nice Service.

Sudev Puthukkudi – a week ago

Thaha – 4 months ago

jinesh K – 4 months ago