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Jithin PC – 3 weeks ago

Doctors are famous and working hard. Temporary staffs working with hospital is behaving very badly. They are all simply sitting and not working properly. Treatment is doing very slowly. Lack of proper management. Lab and other test results are getting very slowly. Most of the patients are very poor people. Thats why no body is raising voice against doctors and staffs.

Jithin – a month ago

Best medical treatment you will get from here.. Doctors are excellent with good knowledge. Very helpful Dr's.. If you are around 8 to 9 need to wait for op tickets. parking big space available, recently they start charging 20 rs for one day. Restaurant available, post office in side the medical college compund only. Pharmacy available inside the building. Always I suggest to choose medical collages your medical treatments. You can trust...

Sudhakaran Koodathil – 5 months ago

Needs good mattress with good quality plastic cover. Patients are lying on the ground due to lack of cot and mattress. European closets tobe reduced to 25% Needs more cleanliness. Needs more nursing staff. A donation without compulsion may be used for these type expenses which directly related to cleanliness.

The wondering Soul – 4 months ago

Gov. Medical collage Hospital is very huge and beautiful.. There is a parking Available, So many Ambulance service.. Good Hospital and Graduated Docters and staffs.. Free lunch. Milk and bread free for patients.. Very clean and neat Hospital.. ✨

Arif Ahmed – 3 months ago

The hospital which once recorded 30,000 deliveries a year – the largest in Asia - still cradles 10,000 mothers and their tiny ones on an average. It boasts an astonishing 20 angioplasties per day and over 1,000 heart surgeries yearly. The 24-hour trauma care unit handles up to 150 cases on a daily basis.The 1,183 odd bed hospital accommodates a mind-boggling 7,500 patients in cramped conditions. By-standers too have to make do in this confined space.