3.2 Based on 18 reviews
R Kumar – 3 months ago

The CMO, Hari Nagar Dispensary is a very helpful, polite and intelligent doctor. She regularly attends the beneficiaries. Even when any person is not on registration counter, she herself do this work. She guides beneficiaries properly. She pay due respect to senior citizens. For Vaccination at this WC, she help not only cghs beneficiaries but also other public. Her working is really highly appreciable. I salute to this Government Doctor.... Jai Hind

Jimmy Singh – 3 months ago

This review is against the CMO invharge of Dispensary. I request you to dont assume for whole dispensary. I dont know from which school or college CMO got qualifications. She has no sense of speaking and no empathy with others. Looking at the area, this area deserves a better CMO incharge who can think logically , understand and resolve the problem using some skills. If you dont believe this, just try it by asking her a simple personal question related to your medical case. She ll insist to bring some random papers which will not make sense to anybody to bring it in the hospital. She always take long hours gossiping with her buddies or outside hospital personal friends. I came to know that few FIR's also filed with her name. I have seen many of the patient waiting in the queue to finish her gossip with her personal staff or friends and many of them return to their home without consulting thinking that it was not their day at hospital. This CMO without brain should be removed. I also thought to file the complaint at CGHS office but came to know that she left with more 2 years to attain her retirement age and this is the reason I didnt file complain against her.

Javed Ansari – 4 months ago

Doctor are coming late.... Homoeopathy medicine room not available medicine.

Madhusudan Gupta – 10 months ago

Wellness Center of dependable care.

Maneesh Kumar – 10 months ago

Doctors are always late.. my appointment was for 7:45 am, and it is 8:25 not and there in no doctor to attend me.