3.7 Based on 33 reviews
harjass life – 2 weeks ago

The service they provide is outstanding. The behaviour of staff is very calm and stasfied. The staff is very helpful.

Arun kumar – 3 weeks ago

Worst experience..I have always seen that your Intended Medicine, it gives some other beneficiary which is familiar to them and gives you only cheap medicine. If You Fight, You Call It The Next Day For the same Medicines...I complained to CMO but they did not take any action against pharmacist. Dr. Deepak Soniyare one of the best Doctor in Dispensary

Rail समाचार – 3 months ago

Central government dispensary for allopathic and homeopathic medicines. Doctor and staff look normal. Not too much rush but there is no proper cleaning, litter is everywhere.

D.S KAPOOR – 6 months ago

All the staff of tilak nagar dispensary is very good and supportive except dr bharat Bhushan, who is a contractual employee, he is a worst doctor I have ever seen in my life

Sanjit Kumar – 6 months ago

Hey all, I visited there for an COVID-19 Vaccine appointment and I had a good experience there. . Here are some points what I found useful over there: 1. You can visit here very easily, it is near saat manjila mandir, Tilak Nagar. If you need any guidance to reach there you ask people they will help you out. 2. It has enough space at outdoor where people can park max 2-3 car except staff parking space. And of course Bikes and Push-Bikes. 3. As you enter inside the dispensary, you will see resistration counters in very first sight from entry gate. 4. Inside the dispensary, plenty of space which has used in wards and sitting areas. I guess there would be 15-20 rooms/wards. 5. The pharmacy is inside itself of the dispensary, where you can get the proscribed medicines from. 6. Accessibility chair and parking available there, so it is good for disabled patients too. 7. Doctors and other staffs are well trained and educated, they will must help you out as much as they can. 8. Very good and polite behaviour of them, you will love it. Please Note: As you visit there, please must keep clean the place and do not litter. . I pray to Ishwar for you, you will be good and well soon. Just keep the faith and believe in Doctors and Ishwar. . . . . Take care and stay happy :)