3.8 Based on 215 reviews
AMIT SHARMA – 2 months ago

I find it very good may be due to festive season but within 20min i came out. Sanitation is good, staff behavior is also good.

Nikesh Singh – 4 months ago

This is a good hospital in Patel Nagar. During covid 19, the government has set up a covid vaccination center at Patel Hospital.

ARJUN SINGH - ATHLETE - ARTIST – in the last week

A fine government hospital. ☺

Supriya Yadav – 3 months ago

If some one suffering from fever, never visit to the hospital. They will give Paracetamol. If some one is lucky, they may get vit c tables also. Dengue report will come after one week. If one can survive on paracetamol and Vit c for one week, they should go to the hospital. In my opinion, Jhola Chhap doctor is better in fever than doctor's of the Hospital. They don't care what is your temperature level and duration of temperature. If some visit again, they simply say, continue medicine 3-5 days. Moreover, if you visit Emergency, they will put your oxygen level & BP without even measuring Oxy & BP. I was surprised to see their six sense but didn't say anything. This is my personal experience. Visited hospital on 22nd sep-21 and 23rd Sep-21 and change the doctor.

Aditya Srivastava – 5 months ago

Doctors are very reluctant to do simple things. They are suggesting what one is aware of, patient visits hospital just to get the solution of the problem. Leaving them with the problem is certainly ethically wrong.