3.4 Based on 24 reviews
Professional Reviewer – 2 months ago

It's one if the most fancy school for kids in kaushambi located in parsara bharwari. As far as my experience with this school my younger brother studied in this school since the opening of this school in 2009 but i must say the behaviour of the school staff is a bit partial towards the kids from rich background and middle class kids are not treated the same way as the other kids from gold spoon families. Yes the infrastructure is very good but the level of creativity and basic education for the kids in the school is below par.

Jp Shukla – a week ago

Very good

Reena Yadav – 3 years ago

My school is world's most famous and the popular school. I love my school

NEVREADY Y – 3 years ago

Don't do like others, don't kill creativity and this will become best school in UP, as far as i know.

Umesh Kesharwani – 2 years ago

My school is very best