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P Swathi – in the last week

No words to say such a wonderful memories it never come again in my life 😌that memorise can't explain in the words.....

anandha krishnan – 6 months ago

Nice school. It helps me reach IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) since they give importance to the 11th standard.

Prasanth Thennarasu – 4 months ago

Most Valuable Memories in our life .Missing all my school Friends

DANIEL JEYABALAN – 11 months ago

Best education and good disciplined school

Dins Dins – 7 years ago

Both Sisters (Management) and Teachers are un-friendly with parents. (Can’t complain all teachers. Some of them very good and managing students effectively). But one teacher named “Latha” is doing too much to students. She is beating students without any valid reasons. Kids are always playful. Managing kids and teaching them a good lesson is primary school teacher’s job. If we complain this to management (Sisters), next day, that teacher (“Latha”) will threaten all students like devil. If you really concern about your kids future, stay away from this school. Until unless they know our values, this school is piece of junk for Karaikkudi people. தயவு செய்து உங்கள் பிள்ளைகளை இந்த பள்ளியில் சேர்க்க வேண்டாம். கல்வி தரம் மட்டும் சில ஆசிரியைகளின் தரம் சரியில்லை. நமது அரசு பள்ளியின் தரமே மேலானாது. நான் கிறிஸ்தவன். எனக்கே இவர்கள் செயல்பாடு பிடிக்கவில்லை. அப்படியென்றால் மற்றவர்களுக்கு என்ன கதி...