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DR.JITTU SAHU – 2 months ago

Best Doctors are available in 24x7..

Nobal Dhruw – 8 months ago

Pathetic experience here at the hospital - 1. I have been admitted here for over a week now and have already experienced countless examples of how a hospital should not be run. 2. The staff is utterly incompetent and they have not been trained at all on how to treat their patients. They lack coordination amongst themselves, do not know whether a patient has been given the drugs/injections at the scheduled time, do not maintain log book properly. They don't even check all the vitals properly, they verbally ask if you have sugar/diabetes and put random numbers on the logbook, they measured my BP only once and I dont know what numbers they have been filling the logbook with all these days. 3. I am staying on the top floor of the hospital and it's very hot out here, I have complained a zillion times about fixing the cooler in the room, but no one listened. 4. The washrooms are not getting cleaned everyday, the flush does not work, litter of the all entire floor lies there in the corner in open. How can I expect such a hospital to treat their patients properly if they can't even maintain proper hygeine?

ritu sirdar – 8 months ago

The staff n the receptionist misbehaving n treating us like beggers... In this pandemic... They don't know through what people are going on if there parents are in situations of dead n alive

Dr Neethu Swaminath – 3 years ago

Extremely satisfied with the services. Dedicated staffs and physicians make this hospital number one in Raipur. Staffs are so sincere and voluntarily performing their duties even at midnight.

Dr Rahul Nair – 3 years ago

Incredible ❤️❤️❤️. Infrastructure never makes the institution bigger. The care which is provided by the entire staffs leaves an impression in patients' heart. I felt the same in Yashoda hospital. When you are in Raipur, and if it's concerned with children, definitely you must remember this Yashoda's cradle.