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Ashish V Raj – 4 months ago

Am extremely sorry and I know many parents will feel disappointed. But, it's a natural truth no one ever have spoken against such powerful organisation like education department. As we all know very well they have powerful contacts such as mafias do. Not saying all are same, but a great example to explain the scenario is UP police stations. Where all illegal activities goes on but nobody cares. And corrupt people never speak against corrupt people. Due to which no one ever dares to speak against these people. Few teachers, whom I am aware off and know personally are very dangerous and horribly terrifying the way they treat students you can't imagine. Students are being treated as prisoners. Lots of discrimination either on behalf of their gender, color, family status, marks and performance, creed or cast. No practical knowledge is given only memorization process goes on. Teachers put efforts over bookish/theoretical language more than teaching. It's all that I can say not good for creative minded and innovative students. Even a gurukul is far better in terms of knowledge and training skillful arts if compared to this school. If you are financially very strong and have political support and dare to make offerings to those class and tution teachers than please go ahead. If you are a Rattu Totah then sure this school is best for you. The way how gatekeepers and servants treat parents you can get an idea how much abusive they can be towards your child. Don't spoil the future of your kids or they might blame you for that later on. Their life is very precious. Don't ruin their life for your silly egos please before it's too late and you may regret about your decision. Rest is all upto you. Those students who receive all the respect and privilege on behalf of their status and false reputation will not be going to take care of you in future.

Aishi Singh – 4 months ago

*Amazing hv been studing there since 5 years!!!!! My best school!*

Prakhar Mohan – 5 months ago

The worst school and the teachers are not at all friendly instead if u want to educate ur child then teach them at home but never send to a place where the techers are dominating and very bad. Waste of time, money and everything.😡😡😡

anul anam – 8 months ago

This place give me happiness, joy and success ❤️✨..my school 👩‍🎓

Sheena Sharma – 6 months ago

Best icsc school in Meerut