3.9 Based on 385 reviews
亗Medio亗 – a month ago

I dont read here anymore but I've taken my life's very first schooling from this school from nursery to standard 5. This is a Really good school and not everybody has that fortune to read here. The images of the school stirred up so many memories of my childhood. Am 19 and in standard 12 now. My opinion: this is the best school you can find in kolkata yet expensive but good things comes with a price

Buro Babu – 2 months ago

My interaction with this school made me feel, I am talking to business house rather than a school. This school made it mandatory to opt for transport even if you stay few meters away from the school and very well can walk to the school. And transport fee is minimum Rs 3k / Month. For those who think,"that's ok, it just Rs.100/ Day", think twice, it is also Rs, 36k/ year on top of Rs. 1.2 lakh you will pay as tuition fees and session fees. Your kid will take quite an expensive journey to the school. When you talk to the admission coordinator they wont give you any clear idea about fees. All just approx. If you ask about session fees they would say, that would be between 15k to 25K. Go figure. Check the fees structure on the website, its a year old. The fees they are charging for the current year, no where close to the fees structure available on the website. From this year, this school is only day boarding which is why I was interested and was ready to pay whatever fees was asked but transport fees are just exorbitant and not justifiable. Even if you have money, be careful when schools are not much open.

chiatlay banerjee – a month ago

Most fraud school. They squeezes money from parents. Please think twice before admission.

Dark Gaming – a year ago

The staffs of this school are money minded and illeterate. They doesn't belong from a well behaved family.

Goutam Mukherjee – 10 months ago

Very standard quality school. Environment top notch. Results found very standard. Best school so far found in Dunlop area. Decipline found very very excellent 👌. I believe for big success in life join in Adamas International school.