4.7 Based on 242 reviews
Shanmugam R – a year ago

One of the Best Schools in Hosur. Good focus on all round performance. Striving hard to introduce latest techniques in teaching through professionals. The students from Zee will be unique and will face any challenges they face.

Divakar R – a year ago

One of the best school in Hosur. I appreciate good administration and their hard work by the staff and their teaching methods... Student are bold enough and independent.keep rocking

Dhanalakshmi D – a year ago

It was a long journey.....from 1st to 10th. Its very proud being a student of this school for the past 10years... I enjoyed every moment in the school to the fullest. I would like to share few things abt the school.. The atmosphere around is so so pleasant and enjoyable. The teachers are very kind and never fail motivating us. This is a school were u can put ur child in the right path for a bright future..and the school does it's best trying to find the interest of the student and motivate him to achieve in the same. Thank you

Samyukhtha – a year ago

I am a student of Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, studying in grade 10. I am happy and proud to tell that my school has shaped me into the best version.I learnt being yourself is important. They way my teachers spoke to me became my inner voice.They not only focus on academics but also on other co-curricular activities.One of the most important roles of a school is to help kids find their spark and that is what exactly happens here.There's a quote "Courteous treatment will make that person a walking advertisement", and I am such one now. Especially the efforts made during this pandemic is remarkable! i thank the management and teachers for such great efforts.


It's amazing to see dedicated teachers who are really caring and compassionate during this pandemic. Online classes are professional and well organized.